Monday, July 29, 2013

A purple ruffle bag

Guess who made a ruffle bag?  She has a little friend who reached some personal goals recently and Sarah wanted to celebrate that achievement.  The girl loves zebra print and purple so this was perfect.   Her friend was ecstatic to get this purse.  It was a great sewing challenge for my dd.  She did a great job and learned some new skills.  
 I really love how she put the two matching ruffles on top and bottom sandwiching the other two ruffles between.  Since it was for a little girl, she left out the pockets on the inside of the purse.  

She has a couple of other sewing projects to get through this summer, including a ruffle bag for herself.  I have some other sewing projects of my own to do.  We'll see how quickly I get through them.  


  1. What a cool bag! I love seeing young girls getting crafty. She did an awesome job and so nice that she made this for a friend. I saved your tutorial to try out. Thanks for sharing it.

    1. Aw thanks. It's been fun seeing my daughter get excited about sewing too. I can't wait to see the bag you make. :)

  2. I totally read the original post a LONG time ago. Well, this weekend I got some fat-quarters to make one for my DD with the original tutorial in mind and guess what I picked (before reading this)?!?!?! Yep...purple and zebra! I'll post pics when done!