Thursday, March 7, 2013

Teenager Tshirt

I've been hard at work with Prom Dress 2013, but there comes a point where you can only do so much sewing.  There are also those moments where you have to rip out all the seams on the muslin so I could create a new pattern from it.  And then cut it out. 

It's moments like that that get me looking for a new project.  I try to keep the new projects just a quick break so I can get back to the big project.  This week I made a shirt for my oldest son.  I used fabric paint and contact paper as a mask.

It was pretty easy to work with, but I do wish I had done it with black iron on transfer rather than the paint.  I found the paint a bit messy and I had a few spots where the paint bled under the contact paper.   Joshua loves it though and he says his friends did too.

I'm enjoying the t-shirt projects.  They are super quick and easy.  We've got a few more ideas for t-shirts.  The kids are loving coming up with their own ideas and have a whole list of projects for me.

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