Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Living Room Redo: The backstory

So, the whole living room thing.  There's a story to that.  We moved into our house nearly 10 years ago.  We had three children at the time and I was pregnant with number four.  We figured we'd spend five years remodeling and sell for a profit.  The problem was we spent eight years (and we still weren't finished) when the market tanked.  So we're kind of stuck, just like 90% of America right now.  

One of the things I disliked about my house from the very beginning was that there was no separate eating area.  No eat in kitchen.  No dining room.  If I wanted to eat at a table with my family the table had to go in the same room as the couch.  So for nearly ten years, my dining room and my living room have been one in the same.  One in the same 12x19 foot space.  Not even kidding.  The room is big enough to be an acceptable living room, but you add in a full size upright piano and a table and chairs to seat seven, and things get very tight, very quickly.   I've put up with it,  though, because I didn't have a good solution to my problem.

We also have another room in the addition.  It's kind of a weird space and small.  We've used it as an office and later as a play room.  My kids are all getting older though.  I only have two who still play with toys, so a designated play room just didn't make sense anymore.  

Two weeks ago we took down the playroom and made it the living room.  The redo is slow going.  I'm hoping to have it done by Christmas.  I'm very excited.  I am already enjoying the front room with just the table and piano.  I was able to put in a bigger table so we didn't have to squeeze around a six person table anymore.  It looks great in there.  

Now I just have to get the living room done.  I'm planning red and turquoise.  All I have in there so far is my big red couch and two turquoise chairs but I already love it. 

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