Monday, September 19, 2011

It was a very long summer

First, I spent a week pretending to be a pioneer.  This meant weeks sewing pioneer clothing for myself and my daughter and gathering up a bunch of camping equipment in a household then tends to not go camping.   It was worth it though, one of the most amazing, spiritual experiences of my life.  Totally worth the 26 miles pulling/pushing a handcart with 10 (amazing) teenagers.  I'd do it again in a heart beat.

Next my brother got married.  This meant bridesmaid dress for my oldest daughter and a flower girl dress for my youngest.  My husband had to rent a tux to be best man.  I made the cake and I took the photos.
Isn't he handsome? Best looking guy there.  You will not see pictures of the cake.  It was serviceable, but not brag worthy.

After that my husband's brother got married, so we drove down to Southern California.  Did I mention we live in Idaho?  17 hours by car through the most boring section of the United States.   I did grab that photo on top on the way down though.  It was in one of those little, dying towns that litter the Nevada desert along the highway.  Our air conditioning died about an hour outside of San Diego on the way down.  That was fun.  The wedding was lovely though and we had a good time at the beach.

Then a bunch of other stuff happened and I finally got to send my children back to school.  I gave myself a couple of weeks of rest.   We have now moved on to a complete rehaul of most of the house.  Right now I'm concentrating on my living room.  These chairs go in it:
Yes, that's a red couch in the background.  There will be lots of pictures along the way, but this won't be a fast redecorating project.  I have to do it as funds become available.  I think painting the walls a light turquoise is the next step.  I still am hunting down a rug I like and fabric to coordinate.  However, the photo at the top of this post will be done in a 16x20 canvas for the wall.  I'm excited about the project.  It's all I've been able to talk about for two weeks.

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