Friday, April 8, 2011

Where I've Been

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Back on New Years Eve my husband and I attended a party at the home of some friends of ours.  There were four couples sitting around the table at about 11 o'clock and somehow we got talking about religious jewelry.  And that discussion turned into a business. 

This is our premier product.  It's a Jerusalem Stone pendant set with sterling silver finding and chain.  The stone is a reminder of the stone rolled away from Christ's tomb.  We call it the Hope Pendant.  Hope for the future.  Hope given to us by Christ.  

Jerusalem stone is a rock that is mined in Israel and Palestine.  It's a dolomite that's between marble and granite in hardness.   Each pendant is so unique.  As we put each piece together I'm always finding a new favorite.  They are surprisingly lightweight and easy to wear.  I love mine so much. 

It's also been very time consuming.   I hope to be able to get back to other projects soon.  I have Easter dresses to sew.    About all I've managed is a home made nylon delta kite.  It's bright orange with gray trim.  It flies great now that I've tweaked it a bit.   No time to write down the instructions though.   Not a problem.  Kite instructions are all over the internet.  Look them up.  Your kids will thank you.  


  1. Usually we think about metal and beeds but its really amazing thing that a use of stone as Stone pendant.

  2. I've always said that the cross was a pretty poor symbol of Christianity. After all, anybody can be crucified. How many of them rolled away a tomb's stone?! Awesome!