Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Never Throw Out Leftover Whipped Cream

It's a crime.  It's such lovely, perfect little clouds of goodness it doesn't deserve to slide quietly into that goodnight of your kitchen sink or sink away without protest in the trash can. 

You're correct that it doesn't keep.   However, you can turn it into some very lovely butter.  Just add a little salt and whip it with the wire whip on your stand mixer until the liquid separates from the solids and the solids turn a pale yellow.   Spoon the butter out of the bowl onto a paper towel and squeeze.   Place in a zippered baggie or other airtight container and refrigerate.   You can use your sweetened butter anytime you would normally use honey butter.   Yes, it does have sugar in it but that little bit of sweetness really is perfect on bagels, muffins, corn bread, etc.

In other news, my husband bought me a real ironing board last night so no more ugly beach towels under my sewing projects.  I've been using a towel on the counter for two years now because we were always going to finish the laundry room "in just a few months."  My hang on the wall ironing board would get hung back up in there and I wouldn't need a clunky traditional board.  Why buy an ironing board when I have one already?  Just because I can't exactly use it doesn't mean it's not there.  Yeah, I'm a cheapskate.   Anyway, my sweetie got tired of me complaining and just bought me one anyway.   Aren't you glad you'll never have to see that ugly purple/blue towel again?   I'm sure my family wishes they could say the same.  Too bad their mother is a cheapskate and won't throw out a towel until it has holes in it.

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