Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Another Flip Case and Mistakes

I made myself a new flip case. That bright orange trim and lininng just make me smile.   Love it.

I've been talking a lot about pattern making and I haven't said enough about mistakes.   Patterns don't always come together perfectly the first time.   Often you have to change and rework the pattern to make it what you want.  That happened for me with the flip case.   The camera case instructions I posted here had the changes that were needed for the camera to fit properly, but my original case did not.  It was too small because I forgot to allow for the padding.   This case was made following the directions I posted here and it fits perfectly. 

When something you make doesn't work, don't give up on it.  Sure you can set it aside for a few days until you are ready to tackle it again.   But don't leave it hiding in an unfinished project bin.   Take a close look at it.  What worked for you?  Where exactly doesn't it work?  What could you do differently to fix the problem?   Take notes.  Mark it with pins.  Do what is necessary to find the problem and redraw your pattern. The projects you correct and overcome problems on are the projects you will feel the most proud of in the end. 

This blog is a good motivator for me, and I thank all of you for being a good sounding board.  Without you here my flip case would have always stayed too tight.  I knew I couldn't  post a bad pattern though; I had to fix it for you.   So thanks.   Thanks for listening and making me keep working when things don't come out right the first time.  If I could I'd send you all a piece of next Monday's cheesecake.   We've settled on the Chocolate Legend Cheesecake.  I'll take pictures for you. 

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