Thursday, January 27, 2011

Think Bigger: Handmade Especially For You

I don't know about you, but for me a scarf can be just like a security blanket.  I've got a thing for blankets anyway.  Scarfs are soft and comfy and warm.  At a time when you need some extra love a scarf can do that for you.  Especially if the scarf was a gift who just wanted you to know that others were thinking of you and felt that you were worthwhile. 

That's why I love today's charity:  Handmade Especially For You, a charity that gives handmade scarves to abused women in shelters.  These women have taken the first courageous step they have taken in a long time.  They managed to face their fear and decide that they do deserve to live and to be loved.  They have walked away from a bad situation and they just need a little extra care, a little extra love.   A scarf can be their security blanket reminding them that someone out there does think they are worthwhile and beautiful.   You can be that someone.

Donation particulars are on their website along with scarf patterns.  They do say they have yarn and just need crafters to knit or crochet it into scarves.  If you have time but not extra materials, this may be the perfect charity for you to get involved with.

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