Tuesday, January 25, 2011

My sewing machine table

I've got a small house without much space for crafting.  I tend to take over the dining table, which means we eat at the counter for dinner.  Not exactly great family meal time.   So for Christmas my sweet husband made me this:

 The shelves hold my machine and have plenty of room for me to store current projects and notions.  I just need to get some cool boxes to hold everything in.

The table is nice and wide with two drop down leaves so if I ever do decide to sew a queen sized quilt, I've got enough table space to hold it. 
 Here's the leaf lifted up.  (Yes, he missed a few spots with the yellow.  I'll touch it up eventually.)

He used the Sewing Table For Small Spaces plan at Ana-white.com.   It was pretty easy to put together and he did a great job.  If you are making this though, I would measure your machine before installing the shelf.  I didn't need as much space as the plan allows for and I would have liked the upper shelf to have 12" of clearance.    It is only 10" and it's going to complicate buying bins a bit.  Other than that, though, it's been great.  It's nice to have a place to sew and still have a place to eat.

In the works is finding space in the basement for the table and getting my laundry room finished so I can hang the ironing board back up.   I so miss that ironing board.  I'm sure you all are holding bets on which color of ugly bath towel I use as a pressing cloth next.   Will it be green?  Purple?  The all time ugly not quite blue?  I have no clue.  But you will see ugly beach towels for a little longer because the laundry room still has bare studs.  I'm not looking forward to mudding dry wall again.  Not a favorite activity.


  1. Very nice! I've had my eye on a few sewing tables at the thrift store.. I just don't know if I can switch out an old machine for a new one?....

  2. The sewing tables at thrift stores were often made for a particular machine and most tables are cut to fit exactly. If you want to switch it out, you'll need to do some customizing.

    You could fill in the gaps with a new piece of board (make a pattern by tracing the gap onto a piece of paper) or you could completely replace the top. That would be an interesting project.

    You'd get a really cool table though! Those tables all have such pretty legs and detail work in the wood.