Wednesday, January 5, 2011

I promised my girls quilts to go with their doll beds they got for Christmas and I got one of them done this weekend. 
As you can see, this one matches the quilt I made my daughter about three Christmases ago.   She loves that her little doll has a matching blanket.  

These are super easy to do and a great project if you're just getting into quilting.   It takes very little fabric and just a couple hours of time.    The finished quilt measures 18x24.  Each block is 2x2 inches and the sashing around the edge is 2 inches wide.  
To make it cut 70 blocks 2.5"x2.5"  and four sashing strips.  Two sashing strips measure 2.5"x18.5 and two measure 2.5"x24.5".   The quilt is 7 blocks across and 10 blocks down.  I did a mitered corner on the sashes and used a super simple binding technique.  I just put the right side of the front together with the right side of the back, laid the batting over it (my batting was a piece of flannel) and sewed around the edges with the standard 1/4" seam leaving 4" on one end open.  I then turned it right side out, pressed it and hand sewed it closed.   So far I've only quilted around the sashing seam.  With the size of the quilt and the fact that the batting is really fabric, I'm pretty sure that will be enough.

Now my girls are asking for pillows to match.  Good thing I have more fabric.

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