Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Ah Tuesday

Tuesday is my light day in the blogging world.  I intend to use it to link up cool blogs I've seen and great projects that other people are doing.  Also if I've done a project that someone else came up with, I'll most likely post it on a Tuesday and link you to their blog. 

Today, however, I'm going to talk about that annoying widget I've added to the right.  You can completely ignore it, but I thought I would explain what it is.   Basically Swagbucks is an advertising venue.  They make their money finding ways to put a little bit of content around the advertising.   Since such places seldom get the viewers all by themselves, they pay people to interact and see their advertising.  This company awards "swagbucks" for using their (paid advertising weighted) search engine and watching their "Swagbucks TV" among other things.   It's not all that annoying actually.  I can leave the "tv" window running while I clean house and do other things getting me lots of points.  I can choose not to do the annoying surveys that never let me finish them anyway.  And there's several more options for getting the swagbucks.  I know people who have earned several hundreds of dollars in Amazon gift cards in a year through this company.  

Anyway, that's what the widget is about.   My husband got a Kindle from his bosses this year for Christmas, simultaneously showing up both the gift he got for me and the gift I got for him.  Like anything he could get me would be as cool as a Kindle.   So I just "borrow" it a lot.  What does this have to do with whoring myself out to advertising companies?   I need Amazon Gift Cards to buy books.   If you don't mind playing their game to get some book money (or kitchen toy money, or clothes money, or food money, or . . . . Amazon sells everything these days)  there's a little "sign up" button on the widget.   Yes, I will get referral points when others sign up under me and earn points through using the search engine.   Which is totally the point of the widget.  I need books.   Lots and lots of books! 

Ignore the widget if you don't want to join.  If it bugs too many people I will take it down.  Let me know.

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