Thursday, December 30, 2010

Think Bigger--Project Linus and other Blankets

It's really easy to get caught up in our own little world, our own needs, our own wants.  I find however, that my life is so much better and I am happier when I am helping those outside my immediate circle.  So with that in mind, I will be focusing every Thursday on one charity that requests or accepts crafted items for those in need.  I'm calling it Think Bigger.

Making blankets is one of those really satisfying crafty things.  They go together quickly and they are almost always loved.   I have always loved blankets myself, maybe it's because I was a blanket baby and dragged my blanket around with me everywhere.  There's just something about snuggling down under one that makes me feel loved and comfy. 

So I have a special affinity for groups like Project Linus.   Who hasn't heard of them?  With a special mission like theirs, I'm glad they are a well known group.  If you haven't heard of Project Linus, then you might not know that they give new, handmade blankets to children who are "ill, traumatized, or otherwise in need" of the love and comfort that only a blanket can give.  If you intend to give to Project Linus, please check their website first.  They do have size requirements and restrictions along with free patterns for blankets.  

Some other places to give in your community:  

Check with your local long term care center.  The residents are often in need of lap blankets.  Full sized throws are too large to use comfortably with a wheelchair so small sized lap quilts are perfect for them.  Most LTCs love to get donations.  Call first so you know what size and colors to make the blanket.  Who knows, you might make a new friend when you take your blanket to someone in need.  

If you have a blanket or quilt too large for Project Linus you might give your local battered women's shelter a call.  These women are in desperate need of a little love and comfort themselves.  They will often be scared and lonely with scared and lonely children.  A new quilt might just bring a little healing to a family in need. 

Good luck with your quilting and blanket making.  I've got some Project Linus blankets to finish up and get out and next week when my kids are in school I'll be sewing a couple pair of shorts and a couple of pillowcase dresses for Little Dresses for Africa.   I'd love to hear what projects you are working on and to whom they are going!

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