Tuesday, December 21, 2010

My husband has really gotten into the home made Christmas spirit this year.   He's taking over the boys' gifts while I make the girls' gifts.   Our younger son has been asking for an orange wallet.  He just thinks it would be so cool to have a place to put his money (all $2.35 of it.)  Steve has been wanting to try making a duct tape wallet.   So of course that's what he did:
He bought orange and blue duct tape at the hardware store and followed this video:  Duct Tape Wallet video

I think they came out great.  The blue one has orange pockets so it's a BSU wallet.  (We live in Idaho.  You can't throw a snowball in this state without hitting a BSU fan these days.)

I've also been hard at work finishing up the monsters project.  You might be happy to know that you don't always have to make monsters:
The butterfly (with hair;  that's what the shape on her head is supposed to be anyway,) was designed by my six year old.  The winking cupcake was designed by the 15 year old.  Both are their Christmas presents.  If you were looking for more monsters, I've got this guy:
Designed by the eight year old.  She's got a thing for those fin shapes.  They aren't the easiest to do since they have to be lightly stuffed and then sewn.  My sewing machine is not happy with me these days.

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