Tuesday, December 28, 2010

My favorite new recipe book

A little over a year ago I stumbled upon several really amazing deals for magazine subscriptions.  I ended up with subscriptions to three magazines that had heavy recipe content.  I loved the mags (personally I can't get enough of magazines.  I adore them.) but I didn't love the clutter.  There were recipes in them that I didn't want to get rid of but I didn't have a good way of storing them.

Enter my new recipe book.   I bought a three ring binder and several packages of page protectors.  Then I went through every saved magazine and tore out the pages for the recipes that I thought I would use.  Anything that looked good or feasible for me to make got torn out.   Then I sorted the recipes by food catagories and stuffed them into the page protectors and into the binder they went.   I also have page dividers in there so I can quickly get from salad to main dish.   You could come up with any system you wanted for categorizing the recipes, from course to ingredients to cost, whatever works best for you.

I love it first of all because I was finally able to completely toss my stash of back magazines.  One less stack of clutter in my life!  Second of all, when I plan a menu from the recipe notebook, I can pull it out of it's place and move it to the front of the book so it's easy to find on the day I make that dish.  And when I actually cook from it and inevitably get food on the page I'm cooking from . . . it just wipes off. 

If you've got a stack of recipes sitting around, including those you've printed off websites, you need to put together a recipe notebook.  Have fun with it!

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