Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Monsters Again

I'm still working on my my monsters projects. I've finished seven. Two got given away as gifts before I could get pictures of them sadly. These two are going to cousins on Christmas Eve.

The fin on the orange guy was sewn the same way I sewed the fins on the turquoise dude. After I stuffed the monster, making sure to lightly stuff the fin thing, I sewed the dividing line between the fin and the body. Then I sewed down toward the body several times to create the fin definition lines.

I think the green slug guy is my favorite monster yet. I'm pretty happy with the monsters my kids have drawn for me. They are pretty easy to work from.


  1. These are so, so cute!!! What a brilliant idea. I love the ugly dolls, but would just never pay that much for them. So glad I saw this!

  2. Are you using fleece, felt or some other material for the dolls?

  3. They are made with standard fleece. Felt for the accents.