Wednesday, December 22, 2010

chip bead jewelry

I love working with chip beads because I'm a snobby scrooge.  The lower price of the chip bead makes me scroogy side not complain about the price and the true semi-precious stone part makes my snobby heart happy.

The problem with them is they can be harder to work with.  They don't work with others quite as well as regularly formed beads do.  Their irregular shape tends to visually fight with other beads and can look cluttered if not done right.

I do have a favorite way to use chip beads though. 
I love to alternate sections of chip beads with freshwater pearls.  The little pearls are a great contrast to the chips and since they're white they match everything.    This little choker has 1.5 inches of chip beads and then a pearl alternating around.

What do you like to do with chip beads?  I'd love to see what you've done with them, especially earings.  I'm still working on making chip beads look good in earings.

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