Monday, November 22, 2010

Project Season!

I always get way in over my head in November and December with a million and one projects and crafts I want to do for Christmas. My kids always get PJ pants; some years they match and some years they all have a different fabric. Then they all get one other hand made gift. I will often do a few handmade gifts for the nieces and nephews as well.

This year, as I've already mentioned, I'm doing a bushel of Monsters. Five for my kids. Five for cousins on my side of the family. Five for cousins on my husband's side of the family. (I already finished six.)

We're also having a bit of a thin Christmas this year. (For many reasons, which I won't go into, this is not a begging for money post. I would just send money back if anyone tried to give me any. We're fine.) So I thought that having two handmade gifts would really be fun for the kids. I'm trying to keep it to stuff we already have in the house, but I already broke that rule for this:
Doll Farmhouse bed

You just went "Sqeee!" didn't you? I know I did. This is a project from Ana White. Her Doll Farmhouse bed is so adorable I couldn't resist making a pair of them. I have two little girls who will be so happy to get a bed just like that for their dolls for Christmas. I had to go buy lumber though. I didn't have enough scrap on hand. It cost me less than $10 per bed though. I do have the paint and plywood on hand and that does make a bit of a difference.

I spent my morning cutting the wood for both beds and sanding the wood for one. Unfortunately I don't have a full shop like Norm Abrams so I have to use a huge cordless hand sander. My arms are still shaking. That sucker is heavy. The wood was super quick to cut on our miter saw. I will get constructing tomorrow and paint when both are put together. I'm toying with turquoise for the color. Wouldn't that be adorable?

Also on tap is a wallet for my eight year old (he requested one.) It will be orange with dinosaurs if I can manage it. And then my 15 year old will be getting either a necklace and earrings or a purse. I may make her a ruffled bag if I feel like I have time.

My 12 year old boy has me stumped though. I did a trebuchet last year and a portable game system/game case the year previous. Anyone got any ideas?


  1. Sqeee! :)

    Got to be the cutest thing ever!!!! While I'm a little too old for dolls (yet, I have a million stuffed cows... hm...), I think a darling bed like this would be a much cuter hang out for the cats than an old pillow thrown on the floor!

    (The hubs and I don't have kiddos yet, so we spoil our furry babies :))

  2. I love the idea of this as a pet bed. It's definitely big enough for a cat. I am now picturing our cat kicking the dolls out of bed. ;)