Monday, November 15, 2010

More Monsters!

Aren't they cute? I've been having a lot of fun with this project and my kids are as well. They love seeing their monster drawings come to life. I've had to hide the monsters when I finish them because my kids just want to play with them. Not so great when these guys have to go to cousins as Christmas presents.

My oldest designed this one for her 13 year old cousin who's a Boise State fan:
Robot monster also has an evil side:
The blue isn't quite right, but I figure I can get fudge it just a bit.

This is Dizzery, designed by my 8 year old:
The spiral eyes were done using six strand embroidery floss. I tied a knot on the end and pulled the thread up through to the front. Then I carefully laid out the thread in a spiral, a bit at a time, and used a couching stitch to hold the thread in place. I pulled the embroidery thread back down and knotted it when I got to the end. This way there are no loose ends to come undone. It's perfect for toddlers and babies because there are no choking hazards on this monster face.

Another monster, PentaTenta, designed by the 10 year old:

I am in the middle of another monster right now. He's got some face work to finish up (my embroidery needle broke!) and then I can get him sewn together. My youngest is sad because hers is last. Silly girl, she doesn't know I still have 10 more to go after I finish that one!


  1. hi mom it's Rilla. you need more pictures of me

  2. Love these little stuffies. My sister's favorite holiday is Halloween. I am going to make her a set for her 4 great-grandchildren to play with when she is babysitting them. They are all pre-K or younger.