Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Christmas Stockings--A love/hate relationship

This is my Christmas stocking display:
I can put it on this blog because those stockings were hand made by me. They look lovely and I'm very, very happy with them. I finished the last of these five about two years ago and treated myself to the stocking hooks then so I could display them properly. They are always the first decorations to come out and the last to go down.

Well wouldn't you make the most of these? I did put over 300 hours into making them. Yeah. Not exaggerating that. Maybe underestimating. That's where the hate part comes in. I like quick projects. By the time I finished my youngest's stocking I was ready to never, ever pick up a cross stitch needle again. Then my husband told me he wanted one too. So I would have to have one as well. You know, so we matched.

I have spent two years on my husband's and it's still not done. I can only get motivated to pick it up and work on it in November and December. Mine I pawned off on my mother who loves cross stitch.

When I started these, I had no earthly idea how long it would take to make them. No idea. I had no clue that I would stop liking cross stitching after about two of them. I did start them when I was 20 though, so you have to give me a little bit of a break. Have you ever met a 20 year old who wasn't idealistic and naive?

Since my children alternated perfectly by sex, that means the stockings can be hung in a perfect pattern and age arranged. It makes my type A heart pitter patter.
BTW, I made the shelf too. If you want the instructions on that, let me know and I'll put a post together.

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  1. May I just say, "WOW"?? They are a total work of art and I am sure that your children will treasure them all their lives. I used to be crafty, but somehow don't get a lot of time these days. I'll be reading back through your blog for inspiration!

    (I'm Hokkaido Brit by the way...)