Thursday, November 4, 2010


So I don't always work in fabric. Recently my husband and I built a set of bookshelves for the play room. I love them! We went with floor to ceiling built ins with fixed shelves. We wanted height and easy build.

Since I wanted the shelves to be strong, we choose to not build them in place (I wanted the nails straight with no toe nailing and the back of the shelf nailed in place as well.) That meant keeping the unit shorter than the actual ceiling height so we could tip it into place when we brought it in the room to install it. The lovely moulding on the bottom is actually covering a 2x4 box my husband built to support the piece. So we built a complete bookshelf 3 and a half inches shorter than we wanted it to be and then tipped it up and set it on the box. It worked perfectly.

The shelves are nailed on three sides for stability and edged with 1"x2" for strength and looks. The whole thing was built with plywood and 1x2.

As you can see, the big shelf holds the kids' books. We've been collecting for awhile and it's such a relief to finally get a unit that holds everything!

Opposite the big shelf is another weird jog in the wall, so it got a little matching bookshelf for my books. It is not nearly big enough:
But I still like it. Same construction techniques.

And here's a close up of our pretty, pretty moulding:

We have a lumber yard near our house that specializes in seconds and over stocks so we got that beautiful 4" base for $6 a stick. Not a foot. $6 for the whole piece. We picked up crown for the basement at the same time and it cost us $20. Yeah, I can deal with a little bit of blade chatter for that price.

Sorry it's been awhile since I posted something. Getting my last post picked up by a big craft blog was really intimidating.

On tap for the next few weeks: Christmas presents. I have five nieces and nephews to craft for. I've got to figure out something a 13 year old boy who only plays video games would like to have. Wish me luck! (three of them are getting my version of the Ugly Doll.)

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