Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Reverisble Purse

This is how I spent my day yesterday:I started working on it back in November. Well that's when I made the pattern and cut out the red outside. Work stalled at that point because I remembered my Christmas crafting list and panicked.

Last week I got the handles and pocket sewn, but I decided that my purse must have piping so construction was held up while I bought piping cord. I got the cord Saturday so yesterday was the perfect day to get the project finished. I had the exterior completely constructed when I discovered that I did not have enough white for the lining.

That's when I remembered that I had blue gingham left-over from a previous, now defunct project. (One of those where you buy fabric for one thing and then spend the next two months using the fabric for other stuff until you have used too much and no longer have enough for the original project.) So my purse ended up reversible. This meant I had to tear off my zipper, but I think it was worth it. It will be fun to change my purse to match what I'm wearing just from flipping it inside out. This also meant that my only interior pocket is that little 3" square. It's barely big enough for lip gloss. Ah well, I think the whole reversible thing will make up for that.

So now that I have this one done, I need to order the handles for my brocade purse. dark taupe with salmon, white, and teal accents. teal lining. sigh.

Yup, I finish one and start coveting the next.

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